Printable Letters From The Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages
Tooth Fairy No Show Excuse Checklist

Text of the letter:

Dear Susie,

This is a form letter notifying you that The Tooth Fairy failed to successfully exchange money for your tooth due to the following reason(s):

Was too excited to see you, forgot your money and had to go back
Left too late and almost got caught outside during daylight
Spontaneous housecat attack
Got caught in a spiderweb and had to get creative
Had the wrong currency
Lost track of time while cleaning the molar tower
Accidentally dropped the coins in a wishing well and had to sort them out
Was chased by a rogue drone

Deepest apologies for the delay in acquiring your excellent tooth. A Tooth Fairy representative will be dispatched tonight to exchange the tooth (and leave you something extra special as a reward for your patience and understanding)!

The Tooth Fairy

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