Printable Letters From The Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages

Tooth Fairy Family Traditions

Losing a tooth is a very special time for children, even more so with the first few teeth lost. Some kids might even get a little anxious about the experience. Many families have developed traditions or rituals involving the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. Here are a few ides to consider:

Place the tooth in a special keepsake box, drawstring bag or pillow. These can be inexpensively purchased or even made at home as a special activity for children. Decorating a small matchbox or using fabric paints to monogram a purchased pouch is especially fun and simple.

When the Tooth Fairy has arrived, "she" sometimes leaves a trail of glitter (fairy dust) on the windowsill or near the bed. The glitter should vacuum right up later.

Some families make or purchase tooth fairy "doors," which are placed along a wall's baseboard or attached to it. These can be quite elaborate, and add magic to the Tooth Fairy story. Sometimes the Tooth Fairy leaves money next to this door rather than under the pillow.

Instead of or in addition to cash, the Tooth Fairy might leave a new toothbrush, foreign money or another special treat.

Leave a little treat or gift for the Tooth Fairy. The tradition is much like leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, or a carrot for the Easter Bunny. The Tooth Fairy, of course, prefers healthful snacks.

When a Tooth Fairy letter or poem is left, it's important that the writing and signature does not look like that of a parent. Conveniently typed letters are a good idea.

Include a certificate from the Tooth Fairy, especially for the first tooth lost.

Some parents or children may want to use a chart to track teeth that have been lost, including dates and the order of loss. (Such a chart may also come in handy for dental purposes, too.)

In some families, saving as well as giving to others is stressed. The Tooth Fairy might give three bills or coins: one to spend, one to save and one to donate to charity.

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