Printable Letters From The Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages
Tooth Fairy Letter Where To Leave Tooth

Text of the letter:

Dear Susie,

Thank you for being so considerate and asking where I would like you to leave your tooth. It can be a tough thing to consider! The classic place to put your tooth is under your pillow, although some kids are worried that the tooth will get lost there. If you’re worried too, you can always put your tooth in an envelope first and then put the envelope under the pillow.

If you don’t want me to go under your pillow, you could put your tooth on the top of your dresser. Or, tape it to a piece of paper and put the paper at the foot of your bed.

The nice thing about me is that I’m happy to pick up your tooth no matter where you leave it for me. I’m just excited to visit and collect another one of your beautiful teeth.

Keep brushing and flossing, and let me know if you find the perfect place to leave your tooth!


The Tooth Fairy

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