Printable Letters From The Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages
What to Do With Teeth

Text of the letter:

Good tidings,

What a wonderful tooth! I can tell that you have been brushing and flossing. Thanks so much for the nice note. I love getting letters from kids.

So, you'd like to know what I do with all the teeth? Well, it's supposed to be a secret. There are lots of legends. One of the most popular rumors is that I have used all of the teeth I've collected other the years to build a giant, shining castle. A tooth castle? Seriously? That's not how I roll.

Actually, I save some of my favorite teeth in a special treasure chest. Sometimes the child wants to keep his or her tooth, and that's OK with me, too. Occasionally, a parent wants the tooth for some reason, so I sneak it to them.

I'm glad you're such as curious kid. I'm looking forward to getting more teeth (and notes) from you.

The Tooth Fairy

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