Printable Letters From The Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages
Letter To A Nonbeliever

Text of the letter:

Dear Susie,

I heard from your guardian that you don’t believe I exist! Well, I have to say that hurts my feelings. After all, I’ve always believed in you. However, I understand that it takes a lot of imagination to believe in a fairy creature with a magic wand. We’re pretty hard to believe sometimes!

As proof, I thought I would write you a letter to say hi. Hello! I’ve taken your tooth and left you a special gift in return, so I think our relationship is off to a good start. You can write me a letter any time you like, and I’d be happy to write back! Just address it to The Tooth Fairy and leave it on your windowsill, and I’ll be sure to find it! In the meantime, keep being a great kid and remember to always brush and floss!


The Tooth Fairy

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